Facebook for Business

graphic of Facebook Like UsWhile not everyone is on Facebook, chances are a good percentage of your target demographic is. Since it’s virtually a free advertising channel, it just doesn’t make sense to ignore it.

One of the important features Facebook offers is the ability for your fan base/followers to share your business with their circles of friends.  Your Facebook business page can have a button that allows people to sign up for your email newsletters and promotions.  This and the “Join My Email List” link on your website are the two key ways you can grow your base of fans/followers.
We can set up your Facebook Business Page and manage it for you, or train you how to do the recurring posts and how to interpret the insights Facebook provides.  This is extremely valuable feedback for most businesses to have.  Check out the mind-boggling infographic below courtesy of JeffBullas.com’s blog.

infographic of Facebook facts