Online Surveys

image of people with questions

What do your customers think and want?

Delight your customers…
…by delivering what they want.

Find out what interests your prospects, what your customers really want, and get the intelligence you need to run your business smarter and more successfully.

  • You can run a more strategic business

    As the head of a small business or organization, you probably don’t like unnecessary risk. Asking your audience for feedback about their needs, wants, and attitudes can save you time and money and help you feel more confident about the services you offer or the direction you want to take. Using online surveys to gather feedback lets you learn—and react to—what they want, quickly.

  • You’ll create stronger relationships with your audience

    When your customers and members know their opinion matters to you, it’s powerful. It’s a realization that gets them engaged with you on a deeper emotional level, making them more interested and eager to hear from you. Create a loyal following. And bring them back, again and again!

  • You’ll be more relevant to your customers

    When you’re in a position to deliver what your audience wants—like delivering targeted marketing communications that get opened 20% more often*—you’re in a position to meet their needs and wants and become their regular provider. Ask them what they’re thinking. Give them what they’re looking for.

  • You’ll complement your face-to-face interactions

    Even if you have regular customers who tell you how you’re doing, there are probably people you don’t see as often. Online surveys allow you to reach these people too. Get customers to tell you what they really think, instead of what they think you want to hear. With anonymous feedback from surveys, you can learn from both audiences—and get a clearer snapshot of your customers’ true feelings.

  • You’ll spot potential issues earlier

    Regularly conducting online surveys for feedback helps reveal a pattern of customer behavior and attitudes that can reliably help you identify trends and quickly solve issues customers may have. If you only use surveys once a year, you may be missing out on opportunities to deliver superior customer service, fix misunderstandings, or gain repeat business.