WordPress Websites

wordpress iconThe marketing foundation of every business today is an effective website. For most small businesses and non-profits, it doesn’t have to be ultra-sophisticated and complex, but does need to convey what your audience needs to know, clearly, understandably, attractively, and legibly, whether from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Many web hosting services offer a “website in minutes” package, which is certainly better than no website. However, to show up on the first or second page of search engines is an ever-changing algorithm and requires creating more than your initial static content. That’s why my approach is to use WordPress, originally a blogging platform/content management system (CMS), and to teach my customers how to refresh their website with articles, photos, or videos regularly (or have me do it for them if they prefer).

Another reason to choose WordPress as a platform is that since it is the most widely-used website platform, and there are many talented and competent WordPress webmasters, you won’t be locked in to a certain vendor. Here’s another link that cites 7 reasons why you should choose WordPress as your website platform.